Our laboratory is housed in a privately owned space in the center of Thessaloniki, facilitating your access to our facilities.

Our space offers a modern and functional atmosphere for the production of personalized water

Production is based on the use of an automated tube production metal casting machine, ensuring the best quality in terms of carats. The cutting of the pipe is carried out using a specialized cutting tool, ensuring precisely the required amount of metal. Further processing is carried out using a diamond cutting tool. Our machine is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures precise and accurate casting of the metal, resulting in rings of exceptional quality and consistency. This automated process also helps to minimize the risk of human error, ensuring that our clients receive rings that meet their exact specifications.

An advantage of the production process is the possibility to grow or shrink the wedding rings directly, without the addition of additional metal. This does not apply to the wedding ring that carries precious stones, as, due to manufacturing specificity, a different treatment is required. Finally, we use a diamond cutting tool to further process the metal and create the desired design. Diamond cutting is a highly precise and delicate process, and our skilled craftsmen are trained to use the tool with the utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in rings of exceptional beauty and craftsmanship. Overall, our commitment to using the latest technology and techniques in our production process ensures that our clients receive wedding rings of the highest quality, beauty, and durability. We take pride in every ring that we produce, and we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional product that our clients will cherish for a lifetime.